Competence Center

History and Organization

The topic eGovernment has turned into one of the most important enablers for the innovative administration during the last years. Numerous efforts of different administrations as well as of economy and research show that the application of innovative information and communication technologies constitutes a crucial element for the modernization of public administrations worldwide. For many years, new innovative concepts for the public administration have been developed at the Institute for Information Systems (IWi) at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence GmbH (DFKI) in different projects. The projects have been realized in cooperation with partners from research and administration. With the foundation of the Competence Center eGovernment (CCeGov) in 2001, the competences in this domain were bundled and institutionalized at the Institute for Information Systems. Thus, the CCeGov represents a subarea of research at the IWi for the domain "public administration".



The Objective of the Competence Center is to ensure the sustainability of research results of the IWi by establishing, providing and developing a knowledge base for project management as well as knowledge transfer in research, teaching and administrative practice. Therefore, the domain-related knowledge in terms of science-based methods, models and prototypes for the modern administration remains available for extended use beyond the respective project terminations. Cutting-edge e-Government research is supported and performed in Saarland by intensifying the research and project work as well as the exchange of knowledge between the various partners in research, teaching and administrative practice.