The CCeGov is engaged in several communities and cooperations with institutions of science and administrative practice. Being involved in networks of administrative research and practice contributes to the strategic position of the CCeGov in the field of administrative research and allows the scientific and practice-oriented discourse. Cooperations with national and international partners provide a basis for a global networking of resources and expertise from theory and practice. Thus, new solutions and trendsetting visions can be collectively developed and promoted.

The networks and cooperations comprise the project partners of the realized projects at the CCeGov or the IWi. In particular, the cooperation of the CCeGov with the ministries and departments of the Saarland’s state administration can be mentioned in this regard. This cooperation was very successful in the past as proved by numerous project successes. It strengthens the position of the Saarland concerning knowledge transfer and project realization, especially in the field of e-government.

Beyond e-government, the CCeGov also supports the innovation strategy of the Saarland in other fields: The members of the CCeGov are member of the “Allianz Empower Deutschland – geniales Saarland” and thereby support a sustainable and growth-oriented innovation policy in Saarland.