Range of Services

The philosophy of the CCeGov is based on the continuous transfer of technology and knowledge connecting application-driven academic research and administrative practice. The “Saarbrücken Innovation Model” shows how results of fundamental and application research are transferred into prototypes. These protoypes are in a next step developed into marketable products. The CCeGov offers services on all stages of the presented model.

Realization of Projects

Projects adress current problems for which solutions for the administration of the future are offered. The topics of the projects especially cover the broad range of e-Government. Based on the philosophy of the Institute for Information Systems the solution concepts include process-oriented, integrative views at the problems.

Publicly funded Research Projects

IWi has realized more than 200 externally funded research projects (so-called third-party funded projects) since its foundation in 1979. Since the existing of the Institute and by the institutionalization of the CCeGov in 2001, more than 15 publicly funded projects in the range of e-Government have been realized. Funding traditionally originates from funding programs of various national as well as international initiators of public and private sectors. Among these there are the federal states, the Bund, the European Commission as well as beneficences and enterprises. Most projects deal with the analysis and implementation of fundamental research results on practice-related problems as well as analysis of implemented solutions in real-world use cases. Projects are worked on collectively by interdisciplinary project consortia consisting of research and industry partners.

Overall, services offered by the CCeGov cover:

  • Application and management of R&D-Projects
  • Realization of R&D-Projects according to visions of the IWi and its areas of competence
  • Elaboration of medium-term and long-term research and funding projects

Coaching, Consulting and Implementation Projects

Demand-oriented developments of solutions are a central part of the range of services of the CCeGov besides research activities. In coaching, advisory and implementation projects specific, indiviudal demands of the project sponsor are in the spotlight. IWI is independent of product or producer interests, while at the same time offering a broad technology- and methodology-related expertise. This characterizes the CCeGov as a reliable partner. In this connection the CCeGov offers:

  • Professional, scientific support in project management
  • Execution of organizational and IT-related requirement analysis and feasibility studies
  • Functional and DP technical conception and communication of solutions
  • IT-related and organizational implementation performances
  • Trainings for operators and application documentation

Knowledge and Technology Transfer

Execution of projects is eased by the availability of a broad knowledge base of the CCeGov as well as of its attached network. Furthermore, the benefit of knowledge transfer into administrational practice has additionally turned out to be beneficial.

Realization of Trainings and Workshops

The knowledge transfer in research and administrational practice is aspired by the CCeGov through organization of e-Government trainings and workshops. Hereby, a multiplication of e-Government topics and project contents of the CCeGov is realized. At the same time a platform for the discourse of relevant topics is created. The CCeGov currently offers the following relevant trainings and workshops to administrations and single persons:

  • Trainings: Support of the introduction of solutions in administrations by operator, reorganization and methodology trainings for process mappings and optimizations.
  • Workshops: Workshops concerning the different fields of e-Government. The broad technology- and methodology-related expertise of the CCeGov is provided. Upcoming trends, new challenges and emerging potentials in the range of public administration from theory as well as from practice are considered.
  • Workshop series “Consulting”: Preparation for job starters and young professionals on the requirements of strategy, process and IT consulting.
  • Lecturing at the University of Saarland for students including the possibility to gain a Master of Science in Information Systems.

Realization of Surveys

Studies on the topic of e-Government are realized besides the execution of projects. Thus, for example, a nationwide empiric census referring to the topic “Process Orientation in Public Administration” has been successfully completed. An international inquiry instructed by an enterprise provided management insights of semi-structured processes in administration. The CCeGov offers:

  • planning and organization of the survey
  • professional, scientific handling of inquiries or censuses and evaluation of the results
  • analysis of inquiry results
  • documentation and presentation of the survey

Publications in the form of Monographs, Articles and Work Reports

New research results are published in various publication media regularly. The results are provided for scientific discourse and spread.

Participation in Congresses, Expositions, etc.

Congress and exposition visits assure the exchange of knowledge between different expert groups. At the same time the results developed at the CCeGov are introduced to the interested audience in scientific discourse and spread.