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New Research Project: "innoGov – Process-oriented Administrative Acting by Innovative e-Government Solutions" (October 12, 2007)

Considering administrative acting as the execution of processes gets more and more accepted in administrative practice. Science, especially the disciplines Information Systems and Administrative Computer Science, has been demanding the process-oriented form of administrative acting for few years. The relevance, especially for the electronic or IT-supported implementation of administration services in terms of eGovernment, has been shown as numerous publications prove. Modernization ambitions, e.g. the New Public Management (NPM) or the “Neue Steuerungsmodelle (NSM)” or e-government need a management of administration processes.

This subject will be considered by the new e-government project of the CCeGov. The objective of the research project innoGov is to apply research methods from the field of process management to conception and improvement of administrative processes. Appropriate IT-supported e-government solutions will be developed in order to support the process handling within public administration.

innoGov is funded by the European Community from the European regional development fund (EFRE Saarland Objective-2-Programme), the Ministry for Economy and Science of Saarland and the IT-Innovation Center.

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